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Diversity Training for Every Level

bci’s inclusion workshops and presentations are designed to meet the development needs of any audience — whether you’re starting the conversation or wanting to provide intermediate and advanced level content, we have the expertise to help you.

Customized, Practical Content

Our diversity workshops and presentations are tailored to your organization’s culture, practices and audiences. In addition, our training offers practical, experiential learning so attendees can immediately shift their behavior in real-world situations.

Scalable Training

We know that budgets and geography can sometimes be a challenge. We’re committed to working with you to find the most cost-effective and impactful ways to deliver programming across regions, business units, employee groups and more.

Our Programming Options

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In-Person Training

bci delivers hands-on in-person training with bci’s team of experts, focusing on cutting-edge research and strategies to push individual behavioral change and organizational change
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Virtual Training

bci offers virtual learning opportunities – with a focus on webinars and videoconferencing – so that you can provide diversity and inclusion learning to a broad range of audiences

Explore Our Research-Driven and Cutting-Edge Programming

At bci, we’re constantly iterating our programming and introducing new content areas in order to provide you with cutting-edge learning. Our inclusion workshops are grounded in our innovative frameworks and experiential methodology. Our most popular workshop, “Foundations of Inclusion and Cultural Competence”, helps to create the foundational building blocks upon which further training can build. The key learning takeaways from this session include:

A discussion on the imperatives for inclusion and the key difference between diversity and inclusion

Key unconscious bias and cultural competence concepts and their impact on women and diverse professionals

Developing your cultural lens to better interrupt biases and be more adaptive in working across differences

Key strategies for becoming more culturally competent when working with diverse team members and clients

Diversity and Inclusion Assessments

Learn how to take your training to the next level by leveraging our diversity and inclusion assessments with your teams – all of which will enable you to hold more meaningful diversity and inclusion conversations and to better benchmark progress.

Learn from bci

Transform How You Work and Lead with the Three Selves Model of Authenticity

The Science Behind Bias and How We "Other" People

The Difference Between Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

bci worked closely with us to tailor a workshop to our needs, and Ritu was one of the most engaging, dynamic and passionate facilitators with whom we have ever worked. The response to Ritu’s workshop was overwhelmingly positive. As a leadership team, we developed a strong understanding of how to build on our strengths, overcome our biases, and take every opportunity to be a more welcoming and inclusive university for everyone who walks through our doors.

Vianne Timmons

President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Regina

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