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Prioritize Mental Health Inclusion in Your Organization

bci has developed a robust range of cutting-edge mental health inclusion programming that will enable you to push the needle on your organization’s current understanding of mental health inclusion practices, by helping you to create an environment where team members can disrupt their biases, feel safe to share, hold more inclusive conversations and more.

We Teach You How to Leverage Inclusive Mental Health Practices

We’re known for curating and delivering practical mental health inclusion programming that facilitates a more sophisticated understanding of mental health challenges, that builds greater capacity to hold meaningful and inclusive mental health conversations and that helps to embed wellness and psychological safety within organizational cultures.

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Our Inclusive Mental Health Training

bci has an exclusive partnership with Dr. Komal Bhasin to curate and deliver targeted mental health inclusion programming for bci clients.

All of our programming can be rolled out as a single offering or can be delivered as part of a customized mental health program consisting of multiple modules. Our suite of programming includes both foundational sessions and targeted, in-depth explorations of mental health inclusion that will allow your organization to foster, support and prioritize personal wellbeing within your teams.

Our Foundational Programming

Our foundational programming will equip your teams with an understanding of what mental health inclusion is, how to interrupt the stigma related to mental health challenges and language to leverage in holding inclusive mental health conversations.

Our Targeted Programming

We offer targeted programming on topics like what burnout is and how to prevent it, how to create cultures of psychological safety, and mental health considerations for People of Color and Indigenous Peoples, given the complex intersection between mental health and racism.

Integrate Inclusive Mental Health Strategies Into Your Organizational Culture

At bci, we offer advisory services and expert guidance to organizations on how to embed mental health inclusion concepts within your processes and practices, in order to foster an open dialogue around mental health and wellness and to help you build the necessary infrastructure that reflects best practices in this space.

Did You Know?

Neutral language is key when discussing mental health.

One of the biases around mental health, particularly in the U.S. and in Canada, is that we presume that we can label others — that it’s okay for us to choose the label we then apply to others. We foreground our perceptions and judgments over people’s personal preferences on how they want to be referred to and how they want to identify.

One of the best ways that we can foreground the person and not their illness, as well as recognize who the expert is and who has the most knowledge around their own mental health, is the very neutral language around experience.

So for example, rather than saying, “Neena has depression,” instead we might say, “Neena is a person with lived experience of depression.” The word “experience” can be really powerful.

Our Mental Health Programming in Action

We would love to share with you our in-depth and thoughtful approach to discussing mental health inclusion in the workplace and how you can break down barriers that currently exist when holding inclusive mental health conversations. If you are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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