Our Service Offerings

Advisory Services

Our Service Offerings

Advisory Services

We Offer Diversity Consulting, Diversity Strategies and More

Advisory Guidance and Practical Support

bci’s diversity consulting and strategy services are designed to bring organizations to the forefront of being diverse and inclusive. We can help you whether you are at the beginning of your diversity journey, you are looking for guidance on how to address particular challenges or you would like to take your programming to the next level.

Reach Your Inclusion Goals

Through our advisory guidance and support, we will work with you to identify the next steps for developing your organization’s inclusion infrastructure and for building internal acumen that will help you to reach your organization’s inclusion goals. In working with us, you will have an external expert who is there to help guide your diversity and inclusion journey.

How to Use Our Advisory Services

Purchase a bank of hours with one of our experts that you can use, as needed, for on-call guidance and consulting on a range of diversity and inclusion matters.

Our advisory services can be leveraged in conjunction with our organizational assessments, diversity training and more.

bci can help your organization to embed an inclusion lens into your current talent management practices, including in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee development and engagement, retention strategies and sponsorship programs.

Our team of qualified diversity consultants will work with you to assess your organization’s current inclusion practices. We utilize qualitative and quantitative data collection to provide you with key themes and recommendations for moving forward.

Despite your best efforts, difficult and high-profile internal and external challenges can arise in the diversity and inclusion space. bci has worked with several organizations in providing strategic guidance on how to navigate and address diversity and inclusion issues.

bci’s team of experts provides in-depth recommendations on the current best practices for embedding an inclusion lens into existing business practices or for creating a diversity and inclusion strategy plan.

In learning about the particular inclusion opportunities or challenges that your organization is experiencing, bci can create a customized advisory or consulting plan to address your organization’s inclusion needs.

Working with Ritu and bci has been a wonderful way to accelerate our global diversity program. As the executive sponsor for this program, I appreciate her flexibility and agility to help us navigate different options and set up a baseline survey and a global diversity and inclusion council. Her advice and expertise have really allowed us to prioritize areas of focus initially to build a long-term inclusion culture shift as a key part of global business growth. I value her partnering, collaborative approach.

Nadim Kara

Chief Human Resources Officer, Teranet Inc. and Former Head of Human Resources, LexisNexis

Interested in our Advisory Services?

Contact us to learn more about advisory services that can be customized to suit your diversity, equity and inclusion needs.