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Advisory Guidance and Practical Support

bci has worked with numerous organizations in an advisory capacity and we draw on this experience and our knowledge of DEI best practices in your industry to inform our consulting and strategy services. Whether you’re at the beginning of your inclusion journey, you need guidance on how to address particular DEI challenges or you want to take your inclusion initiatives to the next level, we offer you hands-on advice for your DEI journey.

Make More Strategic Decisions to Reach Your DEI Goals

Through our advisory guidance and support, we will work with you to identify the next steps for developing your organization’s DEI infrastructure and for building internal acumen that will help you reach your inclusion goals. In working with us, you will have a dedicated DEI expert to guide you at every step of your inclusion journey.

How to Use Our DEI Advisory Services

Retain one of our DEI experts who will be there for you as an advisor and consultant on a range of DEI matters.

Purchase a bank of hours with our experts, who will provide strategic guidance, recommendations and a knowledge of best practices that are practical, business focused and research driven, across a range of inclusion areas:


bci can help your organization to embed a DEI lens into your current talent management practices, including in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee development and engagement, retention strategies and sponsorship programs.


Our advisors work with you to assess your organization’s current DEI practices. We utilize various qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments to assess and understand inclusion experiences within your organization and provide you with a snapshot of your organizational culture.


Despite your best efforts, difficult and high-profile internal and external challenges can arise in the DEI space. bci provides strategic guidance on how to navigate and address complex DEI issues before they arise and diffuse difficult situations when they occur.

Strategic Planning Guidance

bci’s advisors provide recommendations on the current best practices for ensuring that DEI principles inform your existing business practices and assist with the development and review of your strategic plan.

And More!

In learning about the specific opportunities or challenges that your organization is experiencing, bci can create a customized action plan to address your organization’s inclusion needs.

Where Are You on Your IDI Journey?

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a leading DEI assessment tool that helps to both measure and benchmark the cultural competence, or inclusiveness, of an individual, team or organization. bci has now administered the IDI to several thousand leaders and hundreds of teams globally, helping them to identify key inclusion barriers and teaching teams about how to work more effectively across cultural differences. The IDI is an essential tool for raising your teams’ cultural competence.

In Ritu Bhasin, Universal Music Canada has gained a compassionate thought partner who leads and educates with authenticity, transparency, and directness. Ritu has guided us through important, impactful, and at times challenging discussions, offering insights and leading us to new realizations with the utmost empathy and integrity. Her ongoing support has helped us to assess key areas of growth, change and development while broadening our perspectives and continued learning.

Jeffrey Remedios

Chairman and CEO, Universal Music Canada

Ritu was a key resource for us during a time of transition. Her open, approachable communication style and the accessibility of both her content and delivery have been invaluable to our DEI journey as a company. Additionally, her free ongoing webinars on important issues have been informative and helpful for our leaders.

Nancy Pearson and Anne Browne

President, Publishing and Marketing and Director of Finance, Scholastic

Ritu is a wonderfully dynamic, insightful and invaluable mentor and strategic advisor for anyone looking to enhance inclusion and cross-cultural competency at all levels of an organization. From staff training, to board development and leadership coaching, Ritu is a partner in every sense. She offers expert assessments, coherent and integrated operational plans, and effective communication strategies to build bridges between people and support the authentic and unique expression of all beings.

David Lipsius

Former President and CEO, Yoga Alliance