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Unconscious Bias

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What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias refers to the mental shortcuts that the unconscious brain takes in decision-making. In the context of diversity, equity and inclusion, it refers to how we treat people based on our unconsciously held beliefs about their cultural identity characteristics, such as race/ethnoculture, gender identity, sexual orientation and religion.

The Impact of Unconscious Bias on Organizations

Unconscious bias permeates talent management and client development practices, which is why it is critical that organizations work to address the matter. At bci, we’re globally renowned for our practical approach in providing unconscious bias training and advisory services.

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Our Unconscious Bias Training

Our unconscious bias training is the backbone of our work at bci. We focus on providing leaders and team members with a shared language and understanding of how bias plays an important role in work environments. In our sessions, we focus on:

Science and Data

Highlighting the neuroscience of bias, drawing on leading scientific research and data in this area

Naming Specific Biases

Identifying specific forms and examples of bias that manifest within organizations and team interactions

The Impact of Bias

Understanding how bias has an adverse effect on women and diverse professionals, in order to increase buy-in

Practical Strategies

Providing practical, concrete tools and strategies for addressing biases at the individual and organizational level

We Work With Organizations to Interrupt Biases in Talent Management

Inclusive talent management is critical for creating an organizational culture that supports the advancement of women and diverse professionals.

At bci, we work with organizations to identify and interrupt biases using an anti-oppression lens across key talent management areas, including recruitment, work allocation, mentorship and sponsorship, performance management and promotions.

Did You Know?

We are hardwired to treat some people better than others.

If you have a brain, you will engage in bias!

Across all interactions, we unconsciously sort people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ or ‘in-group’ and ‘out-group’. We then unconsciously gravitate towards those who we view as ‘us’ and tend to avoid those who we view as ‘them’.

The key for interrupting our unconscious biases is to recognize you’re doing this, be compassionate with yourself because this is how the brain works, leverage strategies to identify what your biases are and then work to replace stereotypes with positive truths about others.

Our Unconscious Bias Training in Action

To learn more about our unconscious bias training and advisory services and how to embed unconscious bias awareness into your organizational culture, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you.

Online Training with bci

Find out more about our unconscious bias e-learning modules, which can help you scale training across employee groups or office locations.

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