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About bci’s Diversity E-Learning Modules

bci’s e-bytes (our e-learning programming) are a series of short, animated learning modules designed to provide organizations with easy access to online inclusion training. Each e-byte is 15-30 minutes in length and suitable for all audiences across a range of levels. 

When you license our e-bytes, we provide you with the e-learning modules in a format that you can house on your organization’s learning management software or intranet. As a cost-effective and scalable training option, our diversity e-learning modules are designed for:

Skills Development

Our e-bytes help employees to quickly acquire knowledge and skills in key inclusion areas in a practical way

Interactive Learning

Our e-bytes provide interactive and experiential learning moments including quizzes, animations and graphics


Our e-bytes facilitate individual learning through summary handouts that serve as a roadmap for ongoing behavioral change

Our e-Bytes Library

Our e-bytes provide targeted online inclusion training solutions in three key areas: 

  • Cultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Leadership and Development
All of our e-learning modules incorporate our innovative frameworks and experiential learning techniques. Read more details about each module below.

This e-byte explains key inclusion and cultural competence concepts and provides practical strategies for inclusive behavior.

This e-byte provides concrete strategies for inclusive behavior before, during and after meetings.

This e-byte explores concrete strategies for delivering effective inclusive performance feedback.

This e-byte explores how to identify and interrupt biases in recruitment processes that prevent us from hiring top diverse candidates.

This e-byte explores how to take into consideration cultural behavioral dimensions when evaluating candidates in the recruitment process.

This e-byte explores key cultural considerations that impact application review and offers inclusive strategies to counteract these barriers.

This e-byte explores how to apply a cultural lens to recruitment events to better leverage these activities to evaluate candidates.

This e-byte explores how recognizing and shielding against biases can have a positive impact on your career.

This e-byte explores the power of goal setting in career development and provides practical strategies for setting and achieving goals.

This e-byte explores the power of sponsorship in career advancement and how to attract and maintain sponsor relationships.

bci’s e-learning modules perfectly fit our busy law firm work environment. The practicality of the information and interactive moments encapsulated in just 15-30 minutes is on point!

Nicole Harris

Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, Ogletree Deakins