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Ritu Bhasin speaking on a conference stage

How to Make Hybrid Work as Inclusive as Possible

Two years ago, the concept of the hybrid workplace was barely discussed. But now hybrid working has become the norm for many organizations. But just as the sudden shift to virtual work led to unforeseen diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) challenges that many leaders weren’t prepared for, this new change presents its own challenges. Here are three ways organizations can ensure that their hybrid work plans are as inclusive as possible.

Ritu Bhasin speaking on a conference stage next to a projector screen

4 Key DEI Areas to Focus on in the New Year

As we kick off 2022, DEI professionals and HR leaders are giving much thought to the key diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) areas to focus on in the year ahead. Here are four key DEI trends that organizations should make a key focus for 2022.

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