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At bci, we infuse all of our work with cutting-edge diversity, inclusion, authenticity, empowerment and mindfulness data and research. As thought leaders in this space, we have many resources available to help you and your organization to become more diverse and inclusive.

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The Authenticity Principle

Resist Conformity, Embrace Differences, and Transform How You Live, Work, and Lead

Released in 2017, Ritu’s leadership and diversity book focuses on how to resist conformity in a society that fears differences, especially for those who are often “othered”.

In the book, Ritu explores how leaders can encourage authenticity in order to foster empowerment, innovation and inclusion in their organizations. The Authenticity Principle is a must-read for those seeking to live more authentically and to be more inclusive in how they work and lead!

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Sponsor Effect: Canada

bci, in partnership with the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), has released a research report that examines experiences with sponsorship in Canadian workplaces. The first research of its kind in Canada, Sponsor Effect: Canada explores the challenges faced by people of colour, Indigenous peoples and women, including the intersections between these cultural identities, in attracting advocacy and offers recommendations for leaders who wish to create cultures of inclusive sponsorship within their organizations.
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Free Bias Worksheets: Interrupting the Adverse Impact of Bias

While many organizations are now teaching about interrupting unconscious bias, one of the areas that continues to be under-discussed is how to address the internalization of bias. When women and diverse professionals internalize bias, they are more likely to lean out rather than lean in, self-censor, experience impostor syndrome and more.

In Ritu’s efforts to provide women and diverse professionals with more tools to help them thrive personally and professionally, she has created three bias-based self-reflection worksheets as part of her free Empower Pages series, a collection of free, downloadable exercises and tools.

These worksheets are designed to help you understand how bias affects you and how to shield against its negative impact. Use them for your personal development, in your leadership and diversity programs or as a free resource for your diverse team members.


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