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Psychological Safety and Belonging

What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety refers to our ability to speak up in the workplace about matters of personal and professional importance without fear of reprisal. It is a key factor for creating inclusive, authentic, innovative, high-performing and engaged workplaces.

Because a lack of psychological safety is disproportionally experienced by equity-seeking professionals, building psychologically safe workplaces is an essential form of inclusion.

The Connection Between Psychological Safety, Belonging and Authenticity

Authenticity is a key building block for creating organizational cultures that are rooted in psychological safety and belonging. Leaders who are authentic in how they behave are more likely to create safe, trusting, inclusive, and empowered teams where every team member feels comfortable sharing who they are and how they feel at work.

Why Choose bci for Your Psychological Safety Training

Psychological safety is about creating environments where team members feel safe to share their thoughts, who they are, and more while at work, because they feel respected. We’ve now worked with hundreds of organizations on how to make this happen. Our programming in this area focuses on the nuanced challenges and opportunities of embedding psychological safety within organizations and across teams through the following lenses:


Highlighting the ways that psychological safety is disproportionally lacking in the workplace for professionals from equity-seeking communities, especially when we apply an intersectional lens


Understanding how authentic leadership is connected to psychological safety and why it is essential for building inclusive workplace cultures where everyone can experience belonging

Data-driven Strategies

Learning how to create meaningful connections, hold constructive conversations and gather meaningful feedback in ways that foster psychological safety and honor confidentiality

Did You Know?

Psychological safety increases productivity.

The positive impact of psychological safety can be felt in every facet of an organization, from making employees more engaged in their work to reducing team turnover and even leading to increased productivity.

When team members feel seen, heard and valued in the workplace, this is when magic happens!

All of bci’s psychological safety training can be offered in a webinar or virtual workshop format.

Psychological Safety and Belonging Resources


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