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Building Inclusive Workplaces Rooted in

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bhasin consulting inc. (bci) is a top global full-service diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) firm. We’re known for offering bespoke programming to organizations that are well along their DEI journey in addition to delivering DEI fundamentals. We have now:

  • Presented to 100,000s of people
  • Delivered 1000s of keynotes and workshops
  • Facilitated 100s of workshops for senior leaders and professionals
  • Coached 1000s of leaders
  • Worked with 100s of organizations

Building inclusive workplaces through innovation, authenticity and excellence.

bhasin consulting inc. (bci) is a world-renowned full-service diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm dedicated to driving organizational change. We partner with global clients to provide targeted DEI programming and to bring a focused inclusion lens to their systems and processes in order to create lasting cultural change. Learn more 

Our Areas of Expertise


Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to the mental shortcuts that the unconscious brain takes in decision-making


Cultural Competence

Cultural competence refers to our ability to notice, understand and adapt to cultural differences


Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership creates cultures where everyone can be who they are and experience belonging


Inclusive Sponsorship

Inclusive sponsorship encourages leaders to provide advocacy in a way that embraces cultural differences



Allyship focuses on interrupting barriers for communities that experience marginalization


Mental Health Inclusion

Mental health inclusion focuses on raising awareness and disrupting biases


Inclusive Talent Management

Inclusive talent management applies a DEI lens to critical career advancement areas


Empowering Equity-Seeking Professionals

Empowerment programming provides equity-seeking professionals with practical tools to thrive


Psychological Safety and Belonging

Psychological safety and belonging are critical for cultivating workplace cultures rooted in trust, safety and authenticity

Our Services

We create customized inclusion workshops that are practical, scalable and meet the skill needs of beginner or advanced audiences across a range of DEI content areas

Our keynotes for conferences, retreats or events provide cutting-edge research and practical DEI tools and practices that can be implemented immediately

We provide consulting and strategy services that help organizations develop their DEI infrastructure and programming

We offer cost-effective and scalable online training solutions for all audiences across a range of inclusion areas

We provide personalized, practical and in-depth coaching services to empower leaders’ to develop their DEI acumen and inclusive leadership skills

Our Clients

Ritu is a dynamic leader with amazing energy and a voice that is much-needed in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. Her authentic approach engages everyone in the audience to think again and to take a leap — from the novice learner, to the DEI student, to the non-believer. Ritu makes an impact and leaves a mark with both style and deep substance. I am thrilled that she is always ready and willing to partner with our firm to help move the needle in the right direction. Ritu is the master!

Joi Bourgeois

Global Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Kirkland & Ellis

Komal’s engaging facilitation style quickly put the team at ease to create a brave space for authentic and meaningful discussions leaving them with the courage to challenge the status quo and be disruptive in driving change.

Stephen Bobko

Vice President, HR, Talent and Education, Sephora Canada

Ritu’s passion for championing inclusion is contagious! Her personal experiences with experiencing marginalization heighten her understanding of all the nuances and challenges professionals from equity-seeking communities face in their personal and professional lives. Having worked with her extensively in a professional capacity, including at Netflix, I can tell you that her DEI knowledge runs deep — as does her ability to inspire leaders to commit to change.

Vernā Myers

Vice President, Inclusion Strategy, Netflix

Having worked with bci for several years across KPMG, I can say with confidence that Ritu is a true inclusion partner in every sense. From dedicated advisory guidance to in-depth training workshops to one-on-one coaching, Ritu and her team have been instrumental for helping to establish and grow our inclusion infrastructure and for elevating our senior leaders’ understanding of DEI best practices.

Kristine Remedios

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, KPMG International

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