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We Offer Allyship Training and More

Allyship is a Critical Component of Inclusive Leadership

Allyship is a concept that has been leveraged in social advocacy communities for years, and is now increasingly being embraced to build more inclusive workplace cultures. Allyship is a must teach and learn area for leaders because it targets inequities and systemic change.

Allyship Training Has a Profound Impact on Fostering Inclusion

At bci, we have developed an approach to teaching allyship that is highly impactful – particularly for leaders and team members who are looking for more advanced and nuanced behavioral change strategies to be more inclusive.

Why Choose bci for Your Allyship Training

Our allyship training takes our foundational diversity programming to the next level, by digging deeper into concepts of equity, power, privilege, supremacy, anti-racism and more. In a very concrete way, we break down the “how” of supporting professionals from equity-seeking communities by targeting systemic change through programming delivered with an equity lens. Topics we cover in our allyship training include:

Inclusive Leadership

How allyship is connected to being an inclusive leader

Power and Privilege

An understanding of equity, power, privilege and supremacy

Practical Strategies

Practical strategies for applying an allyship lens to team interactions and talent management

We Help Organizations Build a Culture of Allyship

Allyship training is essential for shifting organizational cultures and leadership behaviors to better advance professionals from equity-seeking communities, including professionals of color, women, LGBTQ+ professionals and professionals from other communities.

At bci, we offer advisory services to organizations on how to embed allyship behaviors across key talent management areas, including mentorship and sponsorship, work allocation, performance management, leadership opportunities, talent calibration discussions and succession planning and promotions.

Did You Know?

Anyone can be
an ally.

When we step into the role of an ally, we offer our friendship, advocacy, support, power, privilege and voice to those who come from communities that experience underrepresentation and marginalization. In offering our allyship, we stand next to or behind — but never in front of — equity-seeking communities.

This means that while it is important to use your voice, actions and privilege to call out inequities, allies need to focus on listening as much as they speak in order to learn how to better use their voice as an advocate and to ensure they do not co-opt others’ experiences.

All of bci’s allyship training can be offered in a webinar or virtual workshop format.

Our Allyship Training in Action

We welcome the opportunity to share with you our nuanced and practical approach on how to be an ally in a workplace environment. If you would like to learn more about our allyship programming, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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