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Inclusive Talent Management

Apply an Inclusion Lens to Your Talent Management Practices

Inclusive talent management focuses on interrupting biases and embedding cultural competence in key talent management areas, including recruitment, work allocation, mentorship and sponsorship, performance management and promotions.

Inclusive Talent Management Practices are Critical for Retention and Advancement

bci has worked with numerous organizations across industries to create more inclusive HR systems in order to remove systemic barriers that prevent the retention and advancement of professionals from equity-seeking communities.

Why Choose bci for Your Inclusive Talent Management Training

Our training equips your leaders, HR teams, hiring managers and more with essential language and frameworks that are needed to inclusively support the advancement of diverse talent. Our knowledge of HR processes combined with our deep expertise in DEI allows us to guide you through this process. We work with you to address retention issues and to increase diversity in your leadership ranks by providing you with practical tools across key talent management areas, including:


Identifying and interrupting biases across the full range of recruitment processes and practices

Performance Management

Applying DEI principles to formal and informal performance management practices and processes


Building cultures of sponsorship, especially across cultural differences

Work Assignments

Deconstructing work allocation processes so that everyone has access to high quality work

Inclusive Coaching

A methodology for coaching across cultural differences that empowers team members without pushing conformity


Running more inclusive talent roundtables and team calibration discussions

We Help Your Organization Embed Inclusive Talent Management Practices

Inclusive talent management is critical for creating an organizational culture that supports the advancement of women and diverse professionals.

We work with you to address retention issues and to increase diversity in your senior ranks by providing you with the tools to deconstruct your recruitment, work assignment, mentorship and sponsorship, performance management and leadership development practices and systems.

Did You Know?

Diverse workplaces start with inclusive talent management.

In order to truly embed inclusion within an organization, you must examine your talent management processes to ensure that they are free of biases and barriers.

This will require you to ensure that your recruitment efforts are rooted in inclusive hiring practices, including how to minimize bias throughout the application, interview and decision-making processes.

Organizations must also ensure that their feedback and evaluation practices have been vetted through a DEI lens to interrupt cultural biases, including equipping leaders with the skills to deliver inclusive and meaningful feedback.

All of bci’s inclusive talent management training can be offered in a webinar or virtual workshop format.

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