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Our DEI and leadership speakers have now presented to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, consistently garnering praise for their ability to inspire people and engage with the largest of audiences. Our thought-provoking keynote speaking sessions motivate participants to commit to behavioral change in a positive, practical and immediate way.

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Disrupting Bias: Overcoming Our Discomfort with Differences

When we know how to interrupt and address biases, people in our midst experience heightened belonging and feel safer and more included. This keynote explores the critical first step to building more diverse, equitable and inclusive environments: identifying and interrupting both conscious and unconscious biases.

Ritu Bhasin presenting a keynote at the front of a conference room. She holds a microphone and gestures to the crowd in front of her, the backs of whose heads we can see
Ritu Bhasin presenting a keynote on stage with blurred people in the gallery above in the top right corner

Authentic Leadership: Unlock the Power of Differences in Organizations

Organizations are more diverse than ever — but in a society that favors sameness and conformity, many workplaces still struggle to truly foster inclusion. This keynote delves into how authentic leadership unlocks inclusion, empowerment, and innovation in the workplace and enables everyone to contribute to their fullest.

Ritu Bhasin is an entertaining, compelling, and captivating speaker. She effectively leverages her own experiences and insights to engage the audience in a deeply personal journey that demonstrates the importance of inclusion and what it means for each of us.

Rima Alaily

Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Competition Law Group, Microsoft

Our leaders benefitted tremendously from the virtual [keynote] on inclusion delivered by Komal Bhasin! The information that Komal presented and how she presented it was simply outstanding; her tailored approach enhanced our understanding of DEI and unconscious bias.

Dr. Harry James Kowal

Principal, Royal Military College of Canada

The "How" of Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Organizational Cultures Through Allyship

We’re hearing more than ever before about the critical importance of allyship, in workplaces and in society at large, and many of us want to step into the role of an ally, but we don’t know how to make this happen. This keynote digs deep into the concept of allyship and how it allows both leaders and team members to interrupt bias, develop their cultural lens and create environments that are authentic, empowering and innovative.

Ritu Bhasin keynote speaking on a stage in front of a projector screen with both hands held in front of her and a remote in her left hand
Dr. Komal Bhasin in a bright conference room presenting a keynote speech

What Do I Say? Holding Inclusive Conversations Around Mental Health

Mental health concerns are on the rise among employees and leaders alike, who want to create workplace environments where team members are equipped with the skills required to hold supportive conversations around mental health. This keynote provides teams with the language and frameworks for holding inclusive mental health conversations.

Rise Through the Authenticity Principle

In order to cultivate inclusive workplaces, we need to interrupt the impact of bias on those who have received messaging that they should minimize their cultural identities to get ahead. This keynote is based on Ritu’s Amazon-bestselling book The Authenticity Principle and focuses on how the practice of authenticity can elevate people to live, work and lead in a more empowered and inclusive way.

Ritu Bhasin seated at a table speaking into a handheld microphone between a woman standing at a podium and another woman sitting and looking at the table

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Our Speakers

Ritu Bhasin


CEO & Founder of bci

Dr. Komal Bhasin


Senior DEI Consultant
Mental Health Expert-in-Residence

Ritu is a wealth of knowledge on all things DEI and a dynamic speaker. She kept the audience engaged, made the content easy to digest, and provided practical tips and strategies that participants could take away and implement in their day to day.

Zoe Paliare

Director of Equity & Associate Performance, Cassels Brock & Blackwell

Ritu connected with the attendees at our women’s conference because she fearlessly and honestly shared her own journey to tackle the pain of exclusion and be her authentic self. Her humor makes her approachable; her openness and vulnerability make her real. Attendees could see themselves in her story, regardless of occupation, age, or ethnic background. We all found strength and comfort in Ritu’s practical suggestions on how to be our true selves.

Adriane Paavo

Education & Equality Department Leader, Canadian National Office, United Steelworkers