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Engage Ritu Bhasin as Your Next Leadership Speaker or Diversity Speaker

In her keynote presentations, Ritu leverages cutting-edge research and frameworks in a practical way to coach leaders and team members on how to create more inclusive environments. Ritu has presented to tens of thousands of people around the world, consistently garnering praise for her ability to inspire people to commit to behavioral change in a positive, practical and immediate way.

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Keynote Topics

Authenticity — Unlock the Power of Differences

Ritu Bhasin speaks in an event

Organizations are more diverse than ever, but in a society that favors sameness and conformity, many workplaces still struggle to retain and advance diverse talent. How can we ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and more can experience belonging at work? 

The “How” of Inclusive Leadership — Transforming Organizational Cultures Through Allyship

Ritu Bhasin speaking in an event as a keynote speaker

We’re hearing more than ever before about the critical importance of inclusion in workplaces and in society at large. As leaders, many of us want to do better at creating inclusive cultures and supporting diverse team members, but often we simply don’t know how to make this happen. 

Disrupting Bias — Overcoming Our Discomfort with Differences

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The critical first step to building more diverse and inclusive environments is to identify and interrupt biases, both conscious and unconscious. When we know how to interrupt and address biases, our workplaces are more inclusive and our teams are happier, more engaged and more successful.

Rise Through the Authenticity Principle

Ritu Bhasin speaking in an event as a keynote speaker

As we work to build more empowered, inclusive and innovative workplaces, we need to explore the impact of bias on those who have continuously received negative messaging about their cultural differences. We know from research that experiences of bias cause women and diverse professionals to disproportionately conform and mask aspects of their identities in the workplace — but how can we address this? 

Interrupt Internalized Bias and Heal from Racism to Thrive

Ritu Bhasin delivering a keynote speech

We know that racial bias permeates workplaces and serves as a barrier to the career advancement of those who are Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC). While organizations work to interrupt these barriers, there is a lingering elephant in the room: racial bias lives in the minds and bodies of BIPOC professionals as trauma.

Ritu connected with the attendees at our women’s conference because she fearlessly and honestly shared her own journey to tackle the pain of exclusion and be her authentic self. Her humor makes her approachable; her openness and vulnerability make her real. Attendees could see themselves in her story, regardless of occupation, age or ethnic background. We all found strength and comfort in Ritu’s practical suggestions on how to be our true selves.

Adriane Paavo

Education and Equality Department Leader, Canadian National Office, United Steelworkers

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