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DEI Coaching for Leaders

Our highly experienced team of experts have coached over a thousand leaders globally. We provide personalized, in-depth coaching to develop a leader’s DEI acumen, with a focus on growing inclusive leadership skills. Our expert coaches employ a variety of practical coaching tools and strategies to inspire lasting behavioral change.

Personalized Leadership Coaching

We work with leaders to understand how DEI concepts are related to their work environments, including the key cultural dimensions impacting their workplaces and what is driving the need to develop heightened cultural self-awareness.

We pride ourselves on creating a safe space in our coaching relationships that helps to cultivate meaningful learning experiences and allow for critical conversations.

Coaching That Supports Your DEI Objectives

Our coaching program focuses on developing key leadership skills and behavioral change strategies. During their personalized coaching sessions, leaders will learn targeted and customized strategies to add to their inclusive leadership tool kits, across bci’s areas of expertise:

Unconscious Bias Awareness

Developing Cultural Competence

Authentic Leadership Principles

Best Practices for Organizational Management

How to Thrive as a Leader of Color

Our Coaches

Dr. Summer Allen


DEI & Leadership Coach

Dr. Komal Bhasin


Senior DEI Consultant
Mental Health Expert-in-Residence

Joanna Kirke


DEI Coach & Speaker

The inclusive coaching session that Ritu led our senior team through was incredibly impactful. Her approach is practical, grounded in behavioral science, and starts by asking leaders to look inward.

Dave DiFelice

Vice President, Customer Service and Operations, Canadian Tire Financial Services