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Empowering Diverse Professionals

We Offer Empowerment Programming for Women and Diverse Professionals

We're Passionate About Empowering Diverse Professionals

In order to build inclusive environments, organizations must focus on offering programming that empowers diverse professionals to interrupt internalized bias and commit to being authentic in the workplace.

Authenticity Allows Employees to Thrive

At bci, we are deeply committed to equipping women and diverse professionals with practical tools and strategies to interrupt internalized bias, to feel more empowered and confident and to bring more of their authentic selves into how they behave.

Empowerment Training for Diverse Professionals is Vital for Building Inclusive Organizations

Our programming focuses on the specific challenges that women and diverse professionals face in the workplace.

Ritu’s personal experience as a woman of color navigating corporate culture has equipped her with the ability to tackle these issues in a straightforward way. 

We consistently receive feedback that the inspiring, transparent and inclusive ways in which we impart this content drive diverse team members to excel both personally and professionally.

Did You Know?

The internalization of bias is a real thing.

When we grow up with constant messaging to change who we are, it leads us, as adults, to internalize the negative messaging coming our way and believe that there is, in fact, something wrong with us because we are different. 

We come to believe the negative messaging, the biases, the assumptions and the judgment. We stop believing in ourselves and we feel unworthy, which causes us to self-censor, to lean out as opposed to leaning in and more. 

Essentially it leads to self-hate.

Finding Ways to Thrive at Work as a Diverse Professional

Navigating the pressures and expectations of the workplace can be complicated and challenging for diverse professionals at the best of times, let alone in the wake of rapidly changing work environments affected by COVID-19 and the anti-racism movement.

Our training for diverse professionals teaches your teams to leverage leadership, empowerment and wellness strategies so that diverse professionals can thrive personally and professionally during — and despite — this difficult time. From bias awareness to wellness and mindfulness strategies, our training foregrounds the unique experiences of diverse professionals and provides them with the key tools they need to thrive.

Our Training for Diverse Professionals in Action

To learn more about Ritu’s empowerment work and how to engage Ritu for your employee resource group sessions, leadership workshops targeted at diverse professionals, or other special events, please do reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.

Online Training with bci

Find out more about our leadership and empowerment focused e-learning modules targeted to empower diverse professionals.
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The Authenticity Principle

Resist Conformity, Embrace Differences, and Transform How You Live, Work and Lead

Ritu’s story is a relatable one — it is the human story of our search for belonging. In her book, The Authenticity Principle, Ritu breaks down how it feels to be the “other” and introduces an innovative framework that acknowledges the systemic barriers that women, people of color and other diverse people face, while also inspiring and empowering everyone to be the truest version of themselves that they can be. A must read!

The Authenticity Principle book

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