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At bci, we’re committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in the diversity and inclusion space. We don’t shy away from tackling serious or sensitive subject matter, instead focusing on delivering difficult messages in a thoughtful, approachable and accessible way.

With a focus on ground-breaking content, our events provide a safe space for exploring difficult inclusion topics and for learning essential inclusion skills.

Breaking Barriers Speaking Series

An exploration of thought-provoking inclusion areas to create cultural change

Our mission at bci is to push the envelope in educating audiences and in creating meaningful inclusion conversations. At our Breaking Barriers events, Ritu and our bci associates share their expertise in cultural competence, unconscious bias, mental health, women’s advancement, authentic leadership and more, drawing on cutting-edge research and best practices to help attendees create cultural change within their organizations.

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Breaking Barriers Event
04 Mar

As a White Person, How Can You Interrupt Racial Bias in the Workplace?

  • 08:30 am
  • Toronto, Ontario

As a white person who is committed to being more racially inclusive in how you live, work and lead, what do you need to know about how to interrupt racial bias? In this thought-provoking Breaking Barriers session, Ritu will dig deep into what white people can do to interrupt racial barriers and racism in the workplace.

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Ritu is passionate about helping you to live your best through inspiration and consciousness. If you’d like to learn more about her empowerment work, sign up for her mailing list to receive her personal blogs, videos, free tools and more to help you live a more empowered, authentic life.

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