4 Key DEI Areas to Focus on in the New Year


As we kick off 2022, and as organizations ramp back up after a much-needed break, I know that DEI professionals and HR leaders are giving much thought to the key diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) areas to focus on in the year ahead.

Based on our work at bci, last year’s experiences with collective burnout, the slow rollout of hybrid working and the “Great Resignation” will continue to inform the DEI trends for the year ahead, and a commitment to anti-racism work will remain as important as it was in previous years.

With that in mind, here are four key areas that we at bci feel organizations should make a key focus for their DEI efforts in 2022.


1. Mental Health Inclusion

2021 was the year of burnout and languishing, and the long-term effects of this collective experience on our team’s (and our own) mental health will continue to play out in 2022. Prioritizing mental health inclusion must continue to be a top priority for organizations who want to create cultures of wellness and psychological safety where their team members feel supported and motivated. Learn more here.


2. Inclusive Hybrid Working

2022 will see a large-scale shift to hybrid working and, for some organizations, the return to full-time in-person work. This transition will require navigating numerous new and unexpected DEI challenges, with some of these challenges overlapping with the need for mental health inclusion programming to provide added support to team members. Inclusive leadership — and radical transparency — will be critical for navigating this transition successfully.


3. Recruitment and Retention

With the “Great Resignation” set to continue into the New Year, inclusive talent management practices will be more crucial than ever before, especially inclusive recruitment. In order to cultivate inclusive and engaged teams despite this difficult moment, HR leaders must be proactive in prioritizing both recruitment and retention. Learn more here.


4. Recommitting to Anti-Racism

As I was reminded near the end of last year (by my run-in with Fox News), while the momentum around racial inclusion has slowed down considerably, the hate hasn’t. In 2022, it will be critical for organizations to ramp up their efforts around racial inclusion in order to disrupt bias and empower BIPOC professionals in a meaningful way that enables them to thrive at work. Learn more here.


If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that there’s no way of predicting what the year ahead will bring. But by focusing on these key inclusion areas, organizations can create a strong foundation for inclusion and set themselves up for success regardless of the unique challenges that may lie ahead.

Bring on 2022!



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