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Diversity Assessments That Inspire Cultural Change

Shift Your Organizational Culture and Inspire Cultural Change

bci leverages a range of feedback and data collection methodologies in order to provide you with an in-depth assessment of diversity and inclusion within your organization — all of which will better position you to make strategic decisions.

Make Better Diversity and Inclusion Decisions

Our diversity assessment services can be used for strategic planning purposes to provide you with a snapshot of your organization’s culture or can be combined with our training workshops and/or advisory services.

Feedback and Data Collection Methods

At bci, we use a variety of data collection tools and methods to provide leadership teams with comprehensive feedback around diversity and inclusion within their organization. Our services can be tailored to include the following:

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

The IDI is a leading benchmarking diversity assessment tool that measures the cultural competence, or inclusiveness, of an individual, team or organization. bci has now administered the IDI to over 5,000 leaders and hundreds of leadership teams globally, helping them to identify key barriers to inclusion and teaching leaders how to work more effectively across cultural differences. The IDI is an essential tool for raising your leaders’ cultural competence.

One-on-One Interviews

bci’s team of diversity and inclusion assessment experts conduct confidential one-on-one interviews with select leaders and team members within an organization to learn about the lived experiences of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Focus Groups

Bringing together a small, targeted group from within an organization or team, focus groups are an effective way to learn about the inclusion strengths and challenges within a workplace. bci’s team of experts facilitates focus group discussions across a range of cultural groups and seniority levels.

How to Leverage bci’s Diversity and Inclusion Assessments

Our diversity assessment feedback better positions leaders to make changes to talent management practices and systems. At bci, we utilize our assessment processes in a variety of contexts with our clients.

Deep-Dive Research

Engage in interviews as part of the deep-dive process for our training workshops, enabling our facilitators to learn more about your organization and further tailor our programming to your company’s particular needs


Use the IDI to get a benchmark of your leadership teams’ cultural competencies and barriers, with our team managing this process from start to finish and providing a seamless process on your end

Inclusive Analysis

Engage in interviews and focus groups as an opportunity for your leadership to learn more about the experience of inclusion within your organization and to hear voices that may not typically be heard in these discussions

Ritu is a wonderfully dynamic, insightful and invaluable mentor and strategic advisor for anyone looking to enhance inclusion and cross-cultural competency at all levels of an organization. From staff training to board development and leadership coaching, Ritu is a partner in every sense. She offers expert assessments, coherent and integrated operational plans and effective communication strategies to build bridges between people and support the authentic and unique expression of all beings.

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