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Ritu Bhasin speaking with two women about allyship

Why Being an Effective Ally in the Workplace is More Important Than Ever

As a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professional, I’ve been teaching about allyship for years. However, it feels as though allyship has never been as important as it is right now, after a year of having a glaring spotlight on racial inclusion and the urgent need to interrupt anti-Black racism in particular, in addition to anti-Asian racism, and to disrupt white supremacy on a whole.

Komal Bhasin teaching a mental health workshop

3 Ways to Promote Mental Health Inclusion in the Workplace

Although more and more organizations are looking to incorporate inclusive mental health strategies into their DEI efforts, we’re still repeatedly hearing that more guidance is needed on how to make this happen. We’re also hearing from leaders about how they can be more inclusive as it relates to mental health, on an individual level.

Ritu Bhasin and Komal Bhasin having a conversation next to a projector screen in a conference room

4 Ways to be a Better Ally to Your Sikh Colleagues and Friends

For many people of Indian descent, watching the farmers’ protests in India over the last several months has been very difficult because of the spotlight on injustices, violations of human and civil liberties and more. Here’s what you can do to be an ally to your Sikh colleagues during this difficult moment.

Ritu Bhasin teaching an inclusion workshop to a group of diverse professionals

5 Ways to Move Inclusion Forward in the New Year

The last year has been a tumultuous and heart-wrenching time, with many of us facing a seemingly endless procession of inclusion challenges. Here are five of the strategies we can all focus on as leaders, team members and allies in order to keep pushing for a more inclusive world.

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