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At bci, we’re committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. We don’t shy away from tackling serious or sensitive subject matter, instead focusing on delivering difficult messages in a thoughtful, approachable and accessible way.

Across a range of virtual learning offerings, bci’s Inclusion Academy focuses on teaching ground-breaking DEI content, providing safe spaces for exploring difficult topics and equipping attendees with practical tools for immediate behavioral change.

Breaking Barriers Speaking Series

In-person speaking series exploring thought-provoking inclusion areas
Our keynote speaking series highlights boundary-pushing inclusion topics
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Let's Dig Deep Learning Series

Virtual open enrollment workshops to develop your personal inclusion acumen
Our live virtual workshops combine experiential learning and hands-on teaching
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Free Webinars

Monthly free webinars on cutting-edge inclusion topics
Our free hour-long webinars tackle a new inclusion topic each month. Anyone can join!
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On demand virtual inclusion learning at your own pace
On Demand e-Courses coming soon

Upcoming Events

We currently do not have any upcoming events. Check back soon for updates!

11 May

The 5 Ws of Psychological Safety at Work: What You Need To Know

  • 04:00 pm
  • Webinar

Psychological safety in the workplace refers to the belief that one can speak up in the workplace about matters of personal and professional importance without fear of reprisal. At its core, psychological safety is about respect, acceptance and inclusion in the workplace. In this webinar, bci’s Mental Health Expert-in-Residence, Dr. Komal Bhasin will share the must dos for cultivating psychological safety in the workplace,

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