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At bci, we’re committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. We don’t shy away from tackling serious or sensitive subject matter, instead focusing on delivering difficult messages in a thoughtful, approachable, and accessible way.

Across a range of virtual learning offerings, bci’s events focus on teaching ground-breaking DEI content, providing safe spaces for exploring difficult topics and equipping attendees with practical tools for immediate behavioral change.

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Our monthly free hour-long webinars tackle a different cutting-edge inclusion topic each month. Anyone can join!
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Our in-person keynote speaking series highlights boundary-pushing inclusion topics and explores thought-provoking DEI issues
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We’ve Got This – Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging in the Workplace

Many of us struggle to experience belonging in the workplace, which is often tied back to the negative messaging coming our way about our identities. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are concrete practices and strategies we can use to embrace who we are, stand in our power, use our voices, and unlock belonging.

And as leaders, it’s our responsibility to cultivate psychological safety, inclusion, and empowerment in how we work, so that every team member can experience belonging in our organizations.

How can we make this all happen?

We’re delighted to announce that on May 31, 2023 from 4-5pm ET, Ritu Bhasin, bci’s CEO and DEI, leadership, and belonging expert, will deliver a (free) keynote-styled webinar focusing on concepts from her new book We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging. In this practical, empowering session, she’ll dig deep into:

  • Understanding how difficult life experiences impact our self-identity, including the internalization of bias
  • The power of choosing to be your Authentic Self at work and how to make this happen by leveraging the Three Selves Framework™
  • What “core wisdom” is and why it’s essential for healing from difficult experiences, feeling fulfilled at work, unlocking belonging, soaring in your career, and being an inclusive leader
  • How to deal with difficult experiences, including biases and micro-inequities, in the workplace in a way that feels safe and empowering

As may you know, bci’s monthly webinar series is free to attend. This said, to support the launch of Ritu’s new book, we request that each attendee pre-orders one copy of We’ve Got This in advance of the session by visiting here for US readers and here for Canadian readers.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please spread the word! If you have questions for Ritu, please send them to us by emailing info@bhasinconsulting.com. We hope to see you online to celebrate the launch of Ritu’s new book!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023; 4-5pm ET

The Power of Scripting in Leading Inclusive, Safe & Empathetic Conversations

As we commit to working and leading in more people-centric ways within our organizations, there’s a key skill we can all be using to make this happen: scripting. As leaders and team members, by leveraging this powerful tool, we can help to foster greater belonging, inclusion, psychological safety, and empathy.

We’re delighted to announce that on June 28th, 2023 from 4-5pm ET, DEI and leadership experts Ritu Bhasin and Dr. Komal Bhasin will lead a (free) workshop-styled webinar, The Power of Scripting in Leading Inclusive, Safe and Empathetic Conversations. In this very practical session, Ritu and Komal will dig into:

  • What scripting is and an understanding of its key pillars
  • Why scripting is so important for belonging, inclusion, psychological safety, and empathy in how we work and lead
  • How to leverage scripting across a range of situations including:
    • Coaching to address performance issues
    • Holding difficult conversations across cultural differences
    • Apologizing for missteps
    • Learning about DEI-related experience
  • Scripting principles from Ritu’s new book We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please spread the word. If you have questions for Komal and Ritu, please send them to us by emailing info@bhasinconsulting.com. We hope to see you online!

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023; 4-5pm ET

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Ritu’s conversation with Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela, which focused on bringing your authentic self to work, was highly engaging and thought provoking. Throughout the live stream event, viewers were inspired by Ritu’s relatable and actionable insights on how to bring your authentic self to work.

Callie August

Marketing Communications - Future of Work, Microsoft

I’ve been working and attending workshops for over 20 years, and this is one of the very best I’ve ever attended. Perfectly timed topic, fantastic presenter/coach. I could have paid hundreds of dollars for this and spent two long days in a hotel meeting room for a workshop on the same theme and not have got as much out of it as I did this morning in the space of 1.5 hours. Just wonderful.

Past Workshop Participant

Let's Dig Deep Learning Series

I wish this training was required for and available to every people manager in my industry. It’s that impactful!

Past Workshop Participant

Let's Dig Deep Learning Series

Dr. Komal Bhasin, MSW, MHSc, DocSocSci

Komal is bci’s Senior DEI Consultant and Mental Health Expert-in-Residence and an accomplished DEI facilitator, coach, and strategist. Komal has over 20 years of experience in providing strategic and advisory guidance and program development across a range of sectors, with a particular concentration in mental health and racial inclusion. Komal is also the founder of Insayva Inc., a social enterprise focused on providing accessible DEI and health equity support to charities and non-profit organizations.

Komal has extensive experience in creating and delivering programming in a range of DEI areas, including unconscious bias, cultural competence, mental health inclusion, psychological safety, and allyship. She is passionate about driving transformational change in workplaces and has worked closely with bci clients — corporations, professional services firms, health care providers, and educational institutions — to embed cultures of DEI within their organizations.

Komal has provided one-on-one inclusion coaching to hundreds of senior leaders and brings a unique approach that is informed by her background as a therapist. She is able to expertly handle sensitive conversations and situations and works with leaders to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to advance racial/ethnocultural, gender, and mental health-related equity across teams and organizations. Komal also offers a performance coaching program designed specifically for BIPOC leaders. This program aims to help BIPOC leaders harness their place, position, and identity to thrive in the workplace and beyond. Komal is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

As bci’s Mental Health Expert-in-Residence, Komal offers tremendous expertise around workplace mental health. As a doctoral trained mental health clinician, certified health executive, and registered social worker, Komal has assisted organizations looking to advance employee mental health inclusion and well-being through offering programming on inclusive dialogue, anti-stigma, burnout prevention, psychological safety, resilience, and self-care. Komal is committed to advancing mental health and wellness across the life course; she currently serves on the board of the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario and previously served on the board of Children’s Mental Health Ontario and the YMCA of Greater Toronto.

When Komal is not working, you’ll find her painting, cooking or snuggling with her cat.

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