diversity & inclusion

a diversity and inclusion strategy is the “right thing” to do AND it is a business imperative. does your organization know how to achieve real results in this area?

bhasin consulting inc. specializes in working with organizations to embed diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence within their workplaces, by providing a full spectrum of services that address social and business imperatives:

strategy and organizational leadership

• educating management teams and diversity committees on diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence principles
• understanding the business imperative for diversity within your organization
• strategic planning and initiatives implementation
• programming and initiatives for organizational culture change
• strategies for recruiting, advancing, and retaining a diverse workplace
• collecting and managing diversity demographic statistics
• creating diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination and harassment policies

training, learning, and coaching

• intercultural competence assessment testing for teams and individuals, using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment tool – visit IDI Assessment Tool
• diversity committee and employee resource group facilitations
• diversity sensitivity training
• individual coaching for people from diverse communities and women
• delivering training and learning programs in a range of areas, including:

    • the business imperative for diversity
    • diversity 101 – raising diversity and inclusion awareness in the workplace
    • developing intercultural competencies & working more effectively across diverse teams
    • recruiting and selecting top talent from diverse communities
    • addressing religion and culture in the workplace
    • strategies for effective mentoring and coaching across diversities
    • strategies for effective career development as a woman or diverse professional
    • performance management strategies that better embed diversity and inclusion principles
    • anti-discrimination and harassment


diversity & inclusion testimonials

Ritu brings passion as well as expertise to the topic of diversity. She has presented to our Associates and to our Partners; her background in both law and business allow her to present the business imperative behind diversity in a way that resonates with Partners, and her years of working with students and Associates gives her credibility with that audience as well. She is an engaging speaker whose enthusiasm for this topic is infectious. I look forward to working with her again.
Michelle Gage, National Director, Legal Talent, Norton Rose OR LLP

I thought Ritu was great and more importantly, I am really glad Cassels is having these sessions. I think they are extremely valuable, particularly for us young(ish) Summers. The material she covered, though something I’m sure many of us think and do naturally, was useful when it was drawn out and articulated. It also reinforces the right attitude and approach for us to take as we just start out our nascent career, as it is really easy to sit back and be complacent. I found the session on the importance of diversity in the legal profession, moreover, to be excellent. I think she approaches, what could be at times, thorny issues in a positive and energetic way.
2011 Cassels Brock LLP Summer Student on attending 2 sessions delivered at Cassels Brock LLP: “Be in the Driver’s Seat – Taking a Strategic Approach to Your Career Development as a Student” and “The Growing Importance of Diversity in the Legal Profession”

Ritu brings her experience as a practising lawyer and a member of firm management to the table. She does not take a cookie cutter approach to solving problems but rather comes up with new ideas and approaches. Ritu is both knowledgeable and passionate about Diversity and indeed it is her passion and commitment that distinguish her in this field.
Laleh Moshiri, Director of Professional Development, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

At Stikeman Elliott we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of law firms in our diversity and inclusion initiatives, and we are very pleased to have won awards for our diversity programming. With Ritu’s help, our Diversity Committee developed a leading-edge diversity and inclusion strategy which supports Stikeman Elliott’s business goals, with measurable objectives and a road map for accomplishing our objectives over the coming years. Ritu is extremely knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion theory and practice both in Canada and the US, and she was able to play a continuing educational role as we explored best practices and trends across a range of industries. More importantly, Ritu brought a very business-oriented and practical approach to our strategy and had a good understanding and intuition for what would succeed in our industry and in our business environment.
Anne Ristic, Assistant Managing Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP