are you taking a strategic approach to your career development, focusing on leveraging your strengths and interests?

A strategic approach to your professional development and action-based tools will better position you to gain measurable success in your career advancement.

bhasin consulting inc. provides strategy-focused coaching for career development, in order to better equip you with tools for success in your career advancement. At the root of this approach is a focus on developing:

• a better understanding of your strengths and interests
• your brand messaging
• an action-focused strategic plan
• an approach to networking and relationship-building to better develop your profile

bhasin consulting inc. specializes in coaching women and professionals from diverse communities, and offers diversity-focused coaching and mentoring in:

• career advancement and transition strategies (including application preparation & interviewing)
• networking and relationship-building
• performance and leadership skills development
• intercultural fluency for Corporate Canada, including intercultural competence assessments
• presentation and communication skills
• work-life integration


coaching testimonials

I had an extremely productive career coaching experience with Ritu. Her years of experience enabled her to provide me with an employer’s perspective on how to best market myself. I found her to be innovative, creative, and motivating, all of the qualities which one desires in a great coach. Ritu assisted me with the framing of my job application materials, proposing a much more comprehensive, yet targeted presentation. She has a keen eye for detail and precision, while being equally adept at focusing on the bigger picture. She pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses, and also helped me to streamline a focused strategy on how to pursue my long term job search. Ritu assisted me in efficiently preparing for interviews and has a vast knowledge base of the range of interview questions which employers may pose. The skills I gained from Ritu are tools which I will carry throughout my professional career. She was supportive, encouraging, and inspiring throughout the coaching process and I strongly recommend Ritu not only as a career coach, but as a person.
Coaching client

Ritu is peerless. As my personal and career coach, she’s guided me in developing a vision and strategy aimed at my professional and personal fulfillment. She’s currently helping me navigate an exciting transition to a new job in the Far East, and I’m grateful that I can continue to rely on her unique insight, formidable experience, and talent for motivating me to demand the best from myself.
Coaching client

As someone just starting out in the legal profession, I approached Ritu for help with interviewing. I approached Ritu because I had performed poorly in past interviews. In less than a month, Ritu helped me land a job at a leading law firm. Ritu listened to my story and taught me how to market myself and tell my story in the best possible light. Ritu was able to quickly assess my strengths and weaknesses and help me build on my strengths and improve my weaknesses. She was direct and provided candid feedback while continually helping build my confidence. By the end of the month, I felt confident during the interview process. Ritu is very thorough and very patient. I found that she was able to adapt to my learning style. Given her years of experience, she anticipates the challenges and specific questions I was going to be asked and helped me prepare for them. She knows what employers are looking for. She is relentless in coaching me to achieve my goals and constantly practiced with me until I got things just right. The speaking skills I have learned from Ritu will be invaluable to the rest of my career. I look forward to working with her in the future as my career progresses. She definitely exceeded my expectations.
Coaching client